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I dedicate this fan-fic to my Friends CallMeMavy, ShadowWatcher13, and Sunburnt Nipple for their great feedback and immense help on this little
project of mine.

Hotel Transylvania- Shroud of Shadows [Chapter 3] Recovery

Bleep, bleep, bleep.

The noise of the constant steady bleeps had awoken Tova from his slumber. While trying to look around his vision was unfocused while lying in the infirmary bed. When he tried to sit up he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, looking down he saw the area was heavily bandaged as was his thigh. Remembering what had happened he thought to himself:

"Ugh, if I ever see that doctor again I'm going to give him a piece of my mind"

As Tova gets out of bed he looks around to find himself inside a small room with just himself inside with the single hospital bed and a medium sized window. The moonlight shown through the old 14th century style window giving the room a peaceful and zen like aura which calmed Tova as he was trying to leave the bed causing as little pain as possible and so as to not break his stitches. Realizing he was still tied up to the heart moniter he pulled off all the cords attached to him while also pulling out the IV.

Changing into his regular clothes, keeping the bandages that were placed on his wounds. While walking towards the door with one hand covering his wound on his stomach and one hand to steady himself against the wall he made his way to the door. Opening the door and slowly looking around he had spotted Dracula speaking to one of the nurses. He eavesdropped and had only heard quiet whispers, knowing that the conversation was about him, Tova started to exit the room and had made it out into the hall where he was almost trampled by a yeti looking monster.

"Hey you. Where can I get to the mess hall from here?" Tova asks the tall hairy monster.

"You go down this hall, hang a left and there is an elevator around the corner that will take you down there" the monster said pointing in the direction of the elevator.

"Thanks" Tova says.

Making his way down the corridor he notices Dracula leaving the infirmiry looking both directions and then spotting him Drac rushes to him and says:

"Why are you not in the infirmiry you are badly hurt and need to stay under constant surveillance, let me help you back to the infirmary"

"Thanks for the offer friend but I'm hungry and I need something so I can replenish my energy... Arghh"

Tova grasps his chest from the pain of his heart working too hard from the excitment.

A moment later the pain subsides allowing Tova to move freely again.

"What is it that you need and I can get it for you?" Dracula asks with a concerned tone looking around worried something bad might happen.

"Well if you have blood, preferably human, that would be great"

"I see well we don't have human blood but we have a blood substitue that is like regular blood" Drac explains.

"Yes that will do fine. I'll wait in the infirmary room" Tova says while limping back to the room.

Five hours later:

Drac walks into the room with a packet of synthetic blood and hands the packet to Tova.

"Thank you kindly sir"

"Your welcome" Drac says.

Tova opens the packet and drinks the red substance that Drac called synthetic blood. The liquid was cool and had an envigorating energy about it that Tova couldn't quite explain. The only downside of it was the bitter after taste if too much of it was taken at once. As he finishes the packet Tova seemed to have more energy and with that enabled him to use his powers again which helped ease the pain of the wounds but by a small amount.

"Whoo boy did I need that. So mister Dracula..."

"Please you can just call me Drac" cutting Tova off before he could finish his sentence.

"Anyway, Drac, are there any vacant rooms? I would like to stay...I really don't have any other place to go."

Drac pulls out a key from his pocket and tosses it to Tova. As it lands in his hand Drac says:

"Your room is number 180 which is just down the hall"

"Thanks again Drac. Oh and by chance what did you do with those two humans that had attacked us on the bridge the other night?" Tova asks.

"I had them taken to the dungeon and I erased their memories of the occurance ever happening"

"I see, well see you later"

Tova says his good-byes to Drac and heads towards the room still limping a bit from the thigh wound. As he walks along the hall shrunken heads on the doorknobs were saying "Do not disturb" as he passed by each door until he got to his room. Tova turned the key in the lock and opened the door which led to a room with a dark purple hue matching his personality. On his bed Tova saw his helmet occupy the middle of the bed. It gleamed and shined in one of the sun beams which made the helmet stand out with its blue, purple, grey, and burgundy colors stand out more than what the rest of the room had. As he closes the shades, normally the sun would do minor irritation, but this time the sun burned a little more so he quickly closed the shades and turned to his arm which had burned a little from coming in contact with the suns rays.

He grabbed his backpack and started to unpack his clothes and setting them in the closet across the room. Then he grabbed his helmet and started to polish it, seeing nothing in the gleaming reflection he had set it down on the drawers. Then three knocks at the door were heard.

"Come in" Tova yelled putting his backpack in the closet with the rest of his belongings.

A few moments passed by and no one entered through the door. Tova walks to the door and says:

"The door is unlocked you can..."

As he opened the door there was no one in the hall. He look down both directions of the hall and saw no one. Then looking at the floor, there was a little basket with a little card that had writing in perfect cursive writing saying "Get well soon" . When Tova picked the basket up he took it into his room wondering who had brought the little gift to his door. Cutting open the plastic covering the basket he found an assortment of little  chocolate candy shaped like bats in a square red and purple box.

"Well this is very thoughtful of someone. I'll have to thank whoever set this out for me, but for right now time to go to the mess hall and get something to eat"

Exiting his room and locking the door Tova walks over to the elevator down the hall. Arriving at the elevator he presses the button that says lobby and the lift starts to go down at an abnormally fast rate. The doors open and the lobby was half full of monsters of all shapes and sizes from the Abominable Snowman to a group of skeletons. Tova walks up to the front desk and asks:

"Excuse me sir where is the mess hall located at?" he asks.

"Go up the stairs and take a right and it will be right in front of you"

"Thank you very much"

As Tova enters the mess hall, an array of smells bombard his nose making everything seem so appetizing even though half the food looks like it was taken out of a garbage can and cooked with random ingredients found in a cupboard. He grabbed a plate topped with deviled lizard fingers and spleens in blankets. He even found something called scream cheese which would do a little scream noise as you chew.

After breakfast Tova took his plate and put it where all the other dirty dishes were to be placed and started to walk back towards his room. As he walks a slimy substance under his feet made it so that there was no traction and he started sliding toward the stairs uncontrollably. While trying to keep his balance and not fall a girl wearing a single shirt dress with jet black hair, black lipstick, and black fingernail polish appeared in the doorway not paying attention to what was about to happen. Tova yells:


But before he knew it they collided and fell down the flight of stairs that was six feet high. Tova had landed on his back and the girl had landed on her front. As Tova flipped over to his belly they caught each others eyes and suddenly a spark had ignited between the two and both of their eyes had a pink light flash for a split second than it was gone.

A moment earlier:

Dracula was walking through the lobby when he heard someone say watch out and had oriented his head in the direction of the sound. He saw the boy Tova collide with his daughter, Mavis. Seeing what happened and worried if his daughter was hurt, Drac rushed to his daughter's side.

"Mavis, my little blood orange, are you alright?" Drac asks.

Mavis rubs her head and says:

"I think so, that was strange"

"Oh, that hurt more than I thought it would." Tova says trying to stand after the collision.

"Um, dad who is that?" she asks.

"Oh, um, he is uh nobody"

"Really dad?" Mavis asks in annoyed tone.

"Dad?" Tova asks

"Yeah, Dracula's daughter everyone freaks out about it"

"I think its pretty cool having a dad like Dracula. Then again I wouldn't know what its like to have a father"

Tova looks down at his stomach and sees a little patch of blood soak through his shirt:

"Oh thats not..."

Tova's heart was having another episode but this time more extreme and it had caused him to fall to the ground. Drac had caught him before he hit the ground.

"Um, ok we have to go"

Drac rushes Tova to the infirmary and puts him in one of the beds.

"Doctor Frankenstien" Drac yells.

"Yes, yes what is it?"

"Our surprise guest is having a heart attack and his bandage on his stomach is bleeding through" Drac explains.

"Alright, the heart problem I can't do anything about he'll eventually work the rest of the silver out of his system with time. As for the bandage I think he needs his stitches replaced. If you don't mind me asking what happened?"

"Long story now just make sure he's taken care of alright"

"Yes sir" Doctor Frankenstien finishes.

End of Chapter 3
Here is Chapter 3. Sorry it took so long to post I'm in the final 2 weeks of school and have had writers block from both starting the story and also coming up with a good title for the chapter. I hope you guys like it. If at all possible please comment on what you think of the story so far and what you think I should do to improve. I think all types of feedback is great whether it be positive or negative. Enjoy. :D

Tova OC- Me

Tova's Helmet: [link]

Chapter 2-Demon's Awakening: [link]
Chapter 4-Bad Dream: [link]
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