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I dedicate this fan-fic to my readers and friends CallMeMavy, Sunburnt Nipple, and ShadowWatcher13 for all of their help and input on how to improve my story, its totes appreciated. Title credit goes to Sunburnt Nipple, thanks bruh.

Hotel Transylvania- Shroud of Shadows [Chapter 4]  Bad Dream

Tearing through buildlings as if they were made of paper, bricks flying all over the place and buildings were burning all around him, Tova was running through the walls of the buildings, but had stopped in a room. He looked around and saw a girl huddled in the corner. As he was trying to ask the girl who she was all that could be sounded were roars, and the girl flinched fearing he would harm her. She then looked at him and Tova recognized the face of the girl, she looked exactly like Mavis, no she was Mavis, he could see the sadness and fear in her eyes, the fear that he dreads. The building starts to fall apart and Tova tries to help her, but the room turned into a long corridor and as he was trying to run through it, the corridor proceeded to get longer and longer and the floor boards behind him were falling but he didn't see the ground, he saw a pitch black void of nothingness follow the falling boards. As he got ten feet away from Mavis, the ceiling collapsed between them preventing him from advancing. The falling boards had caught up to him and he was now falling into the void and the room corridor was getting ever further in the distance and then suddenly nothing was there.

*GASP...huff huff huff*

Tova woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily from the nightmare. It was like all the other nightmares, but for some reason Mavis was in it.

*knock knock knock*

"Come in the doors unlocked"

The door opened and Drac walked in.

"Drac, what're you doing here? Shouldn't you be managing the hotel?"

"After what had happened yesterday I just wanted to check and see if you were alright"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just woke up from a bad nightmare but its nothing to worry about"

"Alright if you need anything just go up to the front desk"

Drac finishes talking and walks out of the room.

"Well, I guess I can see about going to the roof and get some fresh air"

Tova opens the shades to the double door window revealing the land lit up by the moon. He then climbs up to the roof by the window sills being very cautious of his surroundings. As he reached the roof, he could see everything surrounding the castle from the lake hundreds of feet below with the bridge, to the expansive sight of the mountains surrounding with the moon in the sky. He then sat down looking up at the moon. He could always think clearly when he had some peace and quiet to himself and staring at the moon reminded him of his mother which gave him a sense of relief from the troubles of the day. Hearing the soft clinks of the shingles rub against each other gave him the sign that he wasn't the only one up here, so Tova jumped to his feet and turned around startled said:

"Who's there? Show yourself"

"Its just me" Mavis said "I thought I heard something and came to investigate to find you up here"

"Oh sorry about that, I just woke up a few minutes ago from a nightmare and I thought I'd come to the roof for some fresh air"

"So from last night are you alright? I saw some blood on your shirt and I didn't know if you were ok or not"

"Yeah, I'm fine, when we fell down the stairs one of my stitches had broken and it needed to be replaced. By the way, sorry for colliding into you, I stepped into Mr. Slimes' trail and I couldn't control where I went"

"Oh you don't have to apologize it wasn't your fault, housekeeping didn't do their job"

"By the way I never got to know your name"

"My name's Mavis"

"Thats a neat name"

"Yeah my mom picked it out for me, so whats your name?"

"Oh how forgeftul I am, my name is Tova" He bows as he says his name.

She giggles for a second then sits down and puts her arms around her legs. Tova takes a seat about two feet away.

"I usually come up here after my dad and I get into an argument about something and I just stare up at the stars"

"You two getting into an argument? You and your dad seem pretty close I really wouldn't understand why you guys would be arguing about anything"

"Well my dad has been over protective of me ever since my mom passed away when I was little, I've never really been outside of the castle either becuase of his rules"

"Yeah, I know how you feel, my dad left my mom when I was born and my mom died when I was 60, I'm part vampire so for me thats basically when I was like a regular human kid, she was killed by an angry mob of villagers, to this day I have never known why they did it. I've been an orphan ever since"

A tear rolls down Tova's face but is wiped away by Mavis' hand in an effort to comfort him.


He looks over to the mountains:

"Oh no the sun is almost up, hop on my back"

"Alright, I hope your not doing something reckless"

"Not at all, now hold on tight this might be bumpy"

Mavis jumps on to Tova's back and he runs towards the edge of the roof to the entrance of the hotel and jumps off the side landing on his feet.

"Alright lets get inside quick"

They both run into the hotel before the sun fully rose up.

Tova noticed when he landed there was no pain coming from the silver arrow wounds anymore, he checked his bandages and noticed there was nothing there like the attack had never happened.

"I guess that synthetic blood Drac has is pretty good, helped heal my wounds faster" He thought to himself.

"Hey, thanks Tova for taking me down here before the sun went up, even though I could've flown back to my room"

"No problem, and you can fly?"

"Yeah I can turn into a bat, can't you?"

"No unfortunately I can't, my other side of my heritage prevents me from having an ability like that"

"Oh, if your not doing anything later do you want to hang out?"

"Sure that would be great"

"Awesome, see you later Tova"

"See you Mavis"

After a few seconds someone had approached Tova from behind and asked:

"Well who was that Tova?"

"Wait a minute, Shawdica is that you?"

"Yep in the flesh. Are you surprised to see me here?"

Tova gives Shawdica a big bear hug lifting her off the ground.

"Boy its a relief to see an old friend, and cousin here"

"Yep its good to see you. Who was that girl by the way?"

"Oh her name is Mavis Dracula, THE Count Dracula's daughter"

"Looks like somebodies in love" Shawdica says picking on Tova

"Oh stop it you"

Then the two say their goodbyes for the morning and went to their rooms.
End of Chapter 4
Hey all, sorry it took so long to post this chapter, I've been having writers block purely on trying to set up the whole nightmare scene and give it a bit of a mysterious pizzazz to it to make it interesting. Hopefully you guys like it, please if you can throw a comment out of what you think so far. Any input is greatly appreciated. :) Yours Truly, Razgriz.

Tova OC- Me
Shawdica OC- ShadowWatcher13

Chapter 3-Recovery: [link]
Chapter 5: Under Construction
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Lol your welcome.
so you gave Tova a cousin, and made it Shawdica... yayyyyy
Razgriz646 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep. She will play a crucial part later on in the story. I may give Shawdy a how you say "boyfriend" later on.
O - O ..... depends on who it is
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Depends on who you want it to be.
.....hmm...... like a different monster?
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Yeah, Shawdy is a vampire, so most likely a different monster yeah.
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